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舊法院大樓 (Old Court Building)

肢解外邀《春之祭》(獨舞版)|Import-struction “The Rite Of Spring” (Solo)

與肉身為敵 將自我撕裂到底 With the body as the enemy

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肢解外邀《春之祭》(獨舞版)|Import-struction “The Rite Of Spring” (Solo)
肢解外邀《春之祭》(獨舞版)|Import-struction “The Rite Of Spring” (Solo)

Time & Location

2018年6月30日 下午7:00 – 2018年7月01日 下午8:30

舊法院大樓 (Old Court Building), 459 Av. da Praia Grande, Macau

About The Event

誰選中了誰?誰被選中了? 誰犧牲了誰?誰被犧牲了? 誰跟誰開仗?誰被開仗了? 誰克制?誰狂妄? 誰主動?誰被動? 誰敗?誰成? 一場冷酷祭典,一分為二,無窮且無盡,無盡再推進。


作品在2016年11月由進念• 二十面體主辦,於香港文化中心劇場首演了個人版本, 首演過後演出獲得極大的好評,並入選2016香港舞蹈年獎。編舞將春之祭作為一種符號的探索,與肉身為敵,將自我撕裂到底。




The Rite of Spring

With the body as the enemy

Tearing up the self to the utmost

Who was chosen, and by whom ?

Who was being chosen ?

Who was sacrificed, and by whom ?

Who was being sacrificed ?

Who was fighting, and with whom ?

Who was being fought ?

Who is restrained ? Who is arrogant ?

Who is active ? Who is passive ?

Who won ? Who lost ?

One cruel sacrificial rite

One split into two

Endless and infinite

Infinite, yet further still

“The Rite of Spring” is a symbol that gives space to different artists to explore and discuss. What does a dancer think about when he/she is dancing in “The Rite of Spring”? When facing such an epic piece of music, aside from reacting through the body and dance till death, does he/she still have other choices? What is the meaning of “to sacrifice for art”? What have one sacrificed?

This piece was organized by Zuni Icosahedron in November 2016 and premiered this solo version at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. The première was very well received and was nominated at the Hong Kong Dance Awards 2016. The choreographer uses “The Rite of Spring” to explore symbols, go against one’s body and flesh, and tear oneself apart.

Concept, Creation & Performance: Dick Wong

Photography: Bobby Sham

Text: Pamela Tsui

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